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July 24, 2021

Why You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, there are an array of different methods that can be used to advertise your business or service. Each of these comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, but the trickiest part can often be figuring out which option is the best for your needs. One area of marketing that has exploded in popularity in recent years due to its efficiency is social media. More specifically, there is one platform that has become a central aspect of many of the most successful companies’ campaigns: Facebook.

            In the digital age, Facebook is one platform that has established dominance. This wide reaching appeal has allowed it to become the preferred option for many people looking to put up effective ads. Despite all the hype, you may be asking yourself if this option would be right for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should be making use of Facebook advertising:

Facebook Cost Effective Ads

One of the primary reasons why so many individuals and organizations have opted for Facebook advertising can be attributed to how much bang you get for your buck. When compared to other methods such as Cable TV, Linkedin, or Google ads, Facebook allows you to attain an equal audience reach for a much lower cost. As long as you go about your campaign with an intentional strategy and a clear focus, the results are sure to be cost-efficient.

Facebook Analytics Explained

Having transparency when it comes to the performance of your advertising is a key part of a successful campaign. Without knowing what demographics are engaging and what is working well within your ads, it will be impossible to scale them and reach a wider audience. With Facebook ads reports and detailed performance analyses are provided to you so that you can discover strengths and weaknesses among your current strategies. Insight on conversions, clicks, and sales will all be available so that you can easily decide on your next steps.

Facebook Audience Targeting

Beyond the versatility of the platform in terms of what ads you can post — video ads, carousel ads, etc. — an exciting part of Facebook targeted ads is how targeted you can make your campaigns. Regardless of the niche or demographic you are aiming to reach, Facebook’s customization features can ensure that you connect with them effectively. Behaviors, age ranges, languages, locations, and many other characteristics can be honed in on to curate an ad that targets your desired audience.

Facebooks Online Success

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform currently running. The site has over 2 billion monthly active users, meaning that your ads have the possibility to reach expansively. With the sheer amount of people that use Facebook, there is no doubt that the people your brand will connect with are out there — it just takes a little work to find them.

Generating Facebook Leads

Facebook marketing opens the door to a ton of unique possibilities due to the site’s ad features. One great example of this can be seen with a feature called lookalike audiences. It takes Facebook custom audience you have created and finds new people similar to that audience that you can market to. This allows you to easily generate new leads that can turn into sales for your business.

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